Stitch in Time

Photo by:  Kevin Igoe
Photo by: Kevin Igoe

Have you ever said one of the following to yourself or friends?


  • ·         “I am a better driver when I have had a drink”
  • ·         “I have never had an accident when I’ve been drinking”


If so, this is for you ………

Stitch in Time is a voluntary program for people who have been arrested for a DWI/DUI. TADD wants to help those arrested from the very beginning by first:


Meeting you at the Jail to walk you through our program

The voluntary program including:

1) Alcohol education

2) Alternative rides workshops and

3) Volunteering to spread the word with TADD.


Ultimately, for those arrested to demonstrate to the District Attorney that they have taken to heart the lesson on not driving drunk and the need to organize a safe ride home.


TADD is not here to punish but to guide those who have ignored the dangers of driving drunk and to set you in the right direction.


TADD does not want you to mess up again.