The Beginning of TADD

Cathy was a bright, vibrant 25 year old with everything to live for. Then one day everything changed when her car was struck by a drunk driver and she suffered such severe head injuries they did not think she would live through the night. In fact, she lingered at death's door for nearly a year before finally giving up the unequalled struggle...

Considering more people have been killed in the USA due to alcohol related accidents than in all American wars and battles since the civil war it is not surprising, in the political climate of "getting tough on crime" our response to this tragic loss has been for law makers to increase the harshness of their DWI penalties. Some 'Non-profit' organizations have encouraged tougher laws but the effect has been limited.

Most families experiencing the trauma of losing a loved one would feel anger and resentment when the death is so needless; not every family has the courage to channel their anger into developing an organization to prevent so many other people's loved ones meeting the same fate as Cathy's family did.

In 1988, 'Texans Against Drunk Driving' originated in Cathy's home town using the media to focus on encouraging breweries, social venues, bars and taxi businesses to work towards preventing DWI incidents by providing incentives for their car driving customers not to drink and drive, and encouraging a change in attitude; drivers no longer needed to take chances and instead, invited to use accessible alternative methods of travel or the subsidised soft drinks for designated drivers.
Eight years later 'THOSE AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING' continues to carry the torch, for Cathy and her family across Texas and the USA. 'THOSE AGAINST DRUNK DRIVING' believes in actively encouraging the wider community about their responsibilities in discouraging drunk driving; they also talk directly with individuals about their attitudes -without a change in attitude of each and every individual towards making our roads safer places no amount of tougher laws will be effective.